Lumpkin County Wastewater Treatment Plant and Disposal System

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WRF Georgia, LLC

The Lumpkin County Wastewater Treatment Plant and Disposal System project is located in Dahlonega, Georgia.  Lumpkin County did not currently have a wastewater treatment plant and this facility will initially treat 50,000 gallons per day. 

The treatment plant is privately owned and treats domestic waste from the county residents and businesses. The plant processes wastewater pumped to the site by a pump station constructed by the county.  Flow is introduced into an influent/reject pond and transferred to the plant where it is screened, mixed, aerated and then filtered by a series of submerged membranes that produce a high quality effluent.  Chemical dosing and addition are also added at the front and back end of the process to facilitate treatment.  The effluent flows to a holding pond where it is pumped to a land application system on the site for the production of bermuda hay that is commercially cut and sold.  This project was a joint effort between the owner, equipment manufacturer and representative, engineer and P. F. Moon and Company that produced a completed wastewater treatment system in less than one year from beginning to final completion.