Shoal Creek Dewatering Facility

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Clayton County Water and Sewer Authority

The Shoal Creek Water Reclamation Facility is located in Hampton, Georgia.  The project was built to dewater the digested sludge produced at the facility and the alum sludge produced at the nearby J. W. Smith Water Production Plant. 

The building houses two (2) centrifuges that dewater sludge, two (2) progressive cavity pumps used to pump the sludge to the centrifuges, two (2) polymer systems to aid in drying the sludge, and two (2) shaftless screw conveyors that convey the dewatered sludge “cake” to trucks that haul the material off site.  The process was fully automated and integrated with the existing controls at the treatment facility.  The building itself is 52’ 0’ high and is constructed of cast in place concrete, concrete block, brick and precast concrete double tees.  The project was completed in under one year from the date of the notice to proceed.